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Creating the next generation space engineers

We are a non-profit student organization, who are aiming to design and build Norway’s first operational student satellite. We are stationed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

Who We Are

Orbit consist of 9 technical groups, in addition of a marketing group and the board. Together we cover everything from mechanical design and electronics , to software engineering, as well as management. This way, we appeal to almost every study field.
Once we have successfully launched our first operational satellite, we will start designing new and more complex satellites.


At this time we are in the final stages of planning our very first satelite, SelfieSat, for a launch in 2020/21


We are a group of students at Norways NTNU in Trondheim. We come from a variety of studies with a common passion for space and technology.


Orbit is run with both technical and non-technical support from our sponsors. We are very grateful for the support we recieve