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System engineering:

System Engineer

Are you interested in learning how to design and develop complex system? The systems engineering team at Orbit is responsible for the satellite design and works closely with all the technical teams to find a optional solution for each part of the satellite. We also spend our time on maintaining documentation, performing trade-offs and doing risks analysis on the satellite.


Software developer

Requirements: Programming experience in C/C++, preferably some experiences with embedded systems

Responsibilities: Writing programs in C. Embedded programming. Testing and integration of multiple programs.

Mechanical team:

Mechanical Engineer

Job description: The work will be comprised of problem solving in a team, trying to find mechanical solutions for the other groups. The product design will happen mostly using CAD, utilizing 3D printer for rapid prototyping. Members will also be asked to help with the manufacturing of metal prototypes and final products.

Requirements: Previous experience with CAD software, or a large motivation to learn unsupervised

Mechanical Engineer

Job description: The position for thermal simulation and testing will consist of providing feedback to the mechanical and electrical team about how their designs will affect the temperature of different components. Later the person will be in charge of  how to conduct valuable and accurate thermal tests. Simulating heat sources in assemblies and using tests to validate simulations.

Requirements: Knowledge about thermal systems and how to simulate semi complex systems.

Project Management:

Project Manager

Tasks: Facilitating for agile product development and hold weekly technical meetings. Ensuring that progress is made, and that the team meets the project milestones in time. Coordinating all satellite development up until the satellite is fully operational, collaborating with other space-related entities, and also keeping the Board of Directors updated on the project’s progress

Personal skillsMust be able to motivate the project team members, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions for your team members. Also requiring the ability to spin multiple plates at once, to solve problems that may come up during the project, and to analyze data and make decisions that affect the project on a regular basis.

Requirements & experience: Must have had a minimum of 6 months with management experience, and a minimum of 2 years left at NTNU. Having the experience with KANBAN, Microsoft Project, Trello, SCRUM  is favored. And having the experience from ESA training courses, university project management or space technology courses are sought after. Must apply and go to an ESA training course in project management/systems engineering during the first year as a PM.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to join Orbit. The most important thing is that you have an interest in space technology and want to learn more! Working in Orbit will not only give you a unique experience in building cube satellites, but it will also give you a chance to work in a big team with many other excited space enthusiasts. Together we want to become the first student organisation in Norway to successfully build an operational satellite!

“If you like space technology, you have come to the right place.”

“It’s the interest in space, technology and a desire to learn more, that is the foundation of Orbit NTNU.”
– Edvard Foss, Elsys blog

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