The Team

Eivind Heggset
CEO / Chairman

The Board

The board is responsible for managing the organization. The board works closely with Project Management and Marketing to ensure that projects are feasible and budgets are kept. In addition, the board is responsible for the development of the organization, HSE, ensuring that roles & responsibilities are fulfilled and all other aspects included in the management of an engineering student organization. The board makes sure that any project the organization undertakes is in line with Orbit’s Mission, Vision and Values document.
Ask E. Øren
Vice Chairman
Mari Linnerud
Chief Technical Officer
Jasmina Naseri
Chief Marketing Officer
Sven Amberg
Chief Financial Officer
Amund Gjersvik
NTNU Representative
Jasmina Naseri


The marketing group is responsible for sponsorship agreements and public relations as well as our web site and social media profiles. The group plans and carries out all recruitment, stands and presentations.
Anna Widzisz
Graphical Designer
Marie E. Grude
Event Manager
Anders Lundberg
Event Manager
Joon-Erik Sæther
Web Developer
Thomas Latini
Key Account Manager
Nina Viet
Technical Marketing
Petter Alnes
Web developer
Sebastian Omdal
Social Media

Project SelfieSat

Andreas Westre
Project Manager

Project Management

Project Management is responsible for requirement understanding, planning, execution, controlling, monitoring, reviewing and delivering Project SelfieSat in time with the help of the whole team.
Håkon Kindem
Systems Engineering Team Lead

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems. We coordinate the different teams in Orbit NTNU and work to make sure the satellite subsystems fit together and result in a complete and fully functional satellite.
Sakaria Ali
Systems Engineer
Sivert H. Sivertsen
Systems Engineer
Torbjørn Bratvold
Software Manager
Johannes Ihle
Systems Engineer
Patric Andrè Berthelsen
Systems Engineer
Peder Faltinsen Time
Systems Engineer
Simen Berg
Test Manager
Seasonal Intern, Thermal Test Engineer
Magnus Mæhlum
OBC Engineer


OBC is short for On-Board Computer. The OBC team is responsible for programming our satellite’s main computer and giving assistance in programming to the ADCS team. The main computer handles commands from the ground, monitor the system and change its operating modes. It is the satellites functional center and a key part to make the satellite operational.
Dennis Langer
OBC Engineer
Jacob Odgård Tørring
OBC Engineer
Espen Bragerhaug
OBC Engineer
Magnus Bredeli
OBC Engineer
Jørgen N. Katralen
OBC Engineer
Edvard Birkeland
OBC Engineer
Steffen Folåsen
ADCS Team Lead


The Attitude determination and control system (ADCS) is responsible for developing a system that can control the attitude of the satellite. The attitude needs to be controlled so the Earth is in the background for the selfies, so the antennas point to Earth for radio transmission and so that the solar cells are pointing towards the Sun for charging.   
Julián García Hahn
ADCS Engineer
Andreas Westre
ADCS Engineer
Yngve Kippersund
ADCS Engineer
Magnus H. Haaland
ADCS Engineer
Tjerand Bjørnsen
ADCS Engineer
Vivi Svendsen
ADCS Engineer
Ludvig Ellingsen
ADCS Engineer
Peter Knutsen
Electronics Team Lead


The electronics team (ES – Electronic systems) are responsible for the development and production of the electrical systems on the satellite. Other teams are responsible for their systems, but can hire the electronics team for development of hardware. The team makes sure that all the systems of the satellite interfaces correctly according to the EICD (Electrical Interface Control Document). The EPS (Electronic Power System) is currently ES responsibility.
Bjørn-Inge Kleppe
Electrical Engineer
Behbood Eskandariturk
Electrical Engineer
Isak Sæternes
Electrical Engineer
Robin Lie Solheim
Electrical Engineer
Håkon K. Garfjell
Electrical Engineer
Mathias Støle
Electrical Engineer
Nathanael Hjermann
Mechanical Team Lead


The mechanical team is responsible for creating the physical requirements of the other subsystems. Aswell we are designing and manufacturing a camera boom in house. The simulation and testing will also be planned by this team.


Andreas Malm
Mechanical Engineer
Marius Leinhardt
Mechanical Engineer
Ole Gabor Husebø
Mechanical Engineer
Sindre Herstad
Mechanical Engineer
Willhelm Kristiansen
Payload Team Lead


The payload team are responsible for making the camera system and ensuring that it is integrated with the mechanical- and other electrical systems. This includes software development for taking the pictures as well as facilitating communications with the OBC.
Vemund Røhmen
Payload Engineer
Sondre Strøm
Payload Engineer
Markus Stokkenes
Payload Engineer
David Bendiksen
SATCOM Team Lead

Satellite Communications

The Satellite Radio team is responsible for implementing the space segment of the communication system. The team works closely with the Ground Station team and the OBC team to implement routing of commands from the ground station to the satellite, and telemetry and data from the satellite to the ground station. The satellite radios are essential to ensure mission success, and a lot of effort is being put into making sure we have a reliable communication link with high bandwidth.
Sander Aakerholt
SATCOM Engineer
Joakim Skogø Landvand
SATCOM Engineer
Fredrik Fossan-Waage
S.O. Team Lead


The Sub-Orbital team is responsible for making a satellite that will act as a payload for Propulse NTNU’s rocket and will be featured in the Spaceport America Cup. This mission will give the SelfieSat team valuable insight into testing and modification of existing SelfieSat subsystems. In addition, the satellite will conduct experiments under high acceleration.
Hans Kristian Lorentzen
S.O Engineer
Astrid Christine Zieritz
S.O Engineer
Nadine A. Ghindaoanu
S.O Engineer
Jens A. Young-In Falck
S.O Engineer

Project NextSat

Torgeir Alstad
Project Manager NextSat

Project Management

Project Management is responsible for requirement understanding, planning, execution, controlling, monitoring, reviewing and delivering Project NextSat in time with the help of the whole team.