Knowledge In Orbit

We are designing and building small satellites that will be launched into space. We want to create the next generation of space engineers by working on complex space projects
The goal of Orbit is to give our members a unique experience in building cube satellites, as well as giving them a chance to work in a big team with many other excited space enthusiasts. Together we want to become the first student organization in Norway to successfully build an operational satellite


At this time we are implementing and testing our very first satelite, SelfieSat. And aiming for a launch in early 2022

About Us

We are a student organization, aiming to design and build Norway’s first operational student satellite

The Team

We are a group of students at Norways NTNU in Trondheim. We come from a variety of studies with a common passion for space and technology.

Our Sponsors

Orbit is run with both technical and non-technical support from our sponsors. We are very grateful for the support we recieve

Are you interested?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to join Orbit. The most important thing is that you are interested in space technology and want to learn more
If you are interested, we’d like the to hear from you. Fill in the from where you tell us about yourself, what you’re studying, and why you want to join